ENLIGHTENMENT - Necklace #N100
			 18kt gold & Lapis LOTUS - Earrings #L604
			 18kt gold MYSTERIOUS - Necklace #M900
			 18 kt gold & diamonds

My heart desires the sounds of harmony and joy,
My soul longs for the enlightenment of the simple and the clear,
My thoughts search for the taste of the original and the refined,
While my hand is free.

The hand shapes the movement and the line,
The eye caresses the sharp and the precise,
The ear tunes the whole and the dualized,
While my gold takes a breath in space.

My gold plays with the deep sound of Earth,
My gold shines in the sun's color of Fire,
My gold satisfies as the fresh taste of Water,
While my love is in the Air.

Lina Amariglio-Weiss

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