Lina Amariglio-Weiss, a designer and art-jeweler,
        creates unique jewelry under her namesake Studio Linart.

        Lina Amariglio-Weiss was born in Egypt, brought up in
        Israel, lived in Europe, Africa and is now living in Israel.
        Lina was schooled in design, goldsmithing, economics,
        computers and philosophy in Israel and England.

        Lina's interdisciplinary, international and multilingual
        background plays an important role in her creative
        It takes form in her jewelry. Her timeless and harmonious
        creations express concepts drawn from her philosophical
        She uses images having a universal symbolic nature that
        can be freely interpreted.

        Over time, Lina feels that the process of conceptualizing,
        designing, creating and marketing her work has inspired
        and enriched her writing abilities, leading to the publication
        of her first book of poems.

        Lina's frequent travels and her love of air and notion
        of space have also led her to choose her present hobby as
        a pilot. Lina believes that her designs and new dimensionality
        were in turn inspired by her flying experiences.

        Overlapping circles of interests, knowledge and personal
        experience are the source as well as the result of Lina's
        emotional explorations as an artist and a woman.

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Studio: Kfar-Shmaryahu Shopping center     P.O.Box 9712 Kfar-Shmaryahu 46910, Israel
Tel: +972-9-9560246     Cell: +972-54-2000-895     Fax: +972-9-9552294