Studio Linart established in 1992 is located in Kfar
        Shmaryahu near Tel Aviv, Israel.
        It is a harmoniously designed space and serves as a
        workshop and gallery, displaying Linart's unique jewelry

        The original jewelry designs, all named and numbered, are
        hand made to perfection in 18kt gold and set with quality
        precious and semi - precious stones. Each piece is unique
        - either individually designed one of a kind creation,
        or as part of a theme collection.
        The collections interconnect with common elements;
        Matching or complementary pieces inspire a sense of
        unity in Linart's distinct line.

        Linart's minimalistic, yet powerful elegant designs,
        are created for those individuals who seek the touch of
        simplicity, clarity and grace, together with the presence
        of an original meaningful expression and personal say.

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Studio: Kfar-Shmaryahu Shopping center     P.O.Box 9712 Kfar-Shmaryahu 46910, Israel
Tel: +972-9-9560246     Cell: +972-54-2000-895     Fax: +972-9-9552294