Lina Amariglio - Weiss has recently published her first
        book of bilingual poems and sayings. The book, named
        'Gems of Love', was also exclusively designed by Lina
        Amariglio-Weiss herself. This unique edition includes
        texts in English and Hebrew with special graphic
        adaptations by Raphael Blumenberg of some of Lina's
        jewelry collections. The book won the first prize
        in the "Golden Ratio" competition of the Association
        of Graphic Designers in Israel, member of the
        International ICOGRADA. The texts and images are
        wonderfully arranged and beautifully printed on
        layers of quality Sundance and Translucent papers.
        The hard cover is designed in a rich metallic blue
        fabric with a hinted contour of a human figure with
        ingrained gold foil lettering. The front and back
        necklaces are chains of golden letters containing
        a hidden code to one of the poems in the book.
        The texts were inspired by Lina's creative experience as
        a designer and goldsmith and are the result of her
        emotional and spiritual exploration both as a woman and
        an artist. 'Gems of Love' is a true expression of Lina's
        interdisciplinary, multilingual capabilities and gives an
        insight into her holistic approach to art and design.

        Even Hoshen Publishers Ltd. Printed in Israel 2005.
        ISBN 965-7270-251-1

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